Parker domnick hunter’s proven product range and applications
experience in the inks, paints, and specialty coatings industry enables us to ensure that every step of the manufacturing process meets the customers' quality specifi cations. The manufacture and application of an ink or coating can be divided into the following processes:

• Resin processing and
introduction of resins to blending
and dispersion phases.
• Production of deionized water for
use in aqueous based product.
• Additives and raw materials for
the dispersion phase.
• Product manufacturing
processes where the pigments
are milled and blended with
either solvent or water and
• Packaging and transportation
of the liquid products to the
application, whether it is printed,
painted, or coated.

Given the variations of these processes for inks, paints, or
specialty coatings, it is critical to consider the operating parameters when selecting fi ltration for each stage of manufacturing.


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