Microelectronics is a fast-changing
industry with technological advances
constantly leading to new processes
and calling for new solutions. Working
with Parker domnick hunter Process
Filtration, you benefi t from years of
fi ltration experience and expertise in:
• Bulk chemical delivery
• Data storage
• High purity water
• Integrated circuit manufacturing
• Flat panel display
• Semiconductor | Wafer
• Solar | Photovoltaic
Parker domnick hunter understands
that fi ltration systems are crucial to the
success of your operations today and
in the future. Operating with aggressive
chemicals, at high temperature or under
any other diffi cult processing conditions
demands constant monitoring and
close change control.
With Parker domnick hunter, you can
be confi dent that your fi ltration is
compatible with your overall process
and that it performs consistently under
stringent conditions and holds up to
constant use.